Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jay and Silent Bob would make great trading cards

I've been a fan of Kevin Smith since I first popped a rented VHS of Clerks in my Dad's VCR in the early '90s. Jay and Silent Bob quickly became walking narrative threads that knit the first comics-related cinematic universe together with the Jersey trilogy.

And I love trading cards, so much that I make them for fun, and still collect whatever boxes or packs of the old ones that I can. I started this blog to keep designing for when I don't have cards in the works. No better way to start than with the duo (played by Smith and Jason Mewes), the pot-smokin' Laurel and Hardy.

First up is Mallrats, the movie my sis and I used to watch every single time I came home from college. Every. Single. Time. And there was an ever-present bag of chocolate covered pretzels.

It was a fuck ton of pretzels.

Riffing off the beloved 1989 Batman, I did a straight homage to that amazing card set, for both front and back.

The back has a scan of the old school cardstock (which is, actually, expensive as hell if you want to print on it), with each layer made slightly more transparent. I did a similar effect on both the Madman Comin' Atcha and GWAR cards I designed a couple years back.

When it came out, Chasing Amy was a huge vindication for us comics fans; thanks to Smith (the first to actively allude to and quote the Holy Trilogy in his movies), geek culture was becoming cool kid culture. It didn't hurt that my old friend Mike Allred not only did the Bluntman and Chronic art, but also had the first speaking line in the film, or that the whole thing was about cartoonists--

Anywhoo, since Kevin went for more of a dramatic approach with Amy, I gave the design a slightly more adult look in the back treatment, though the copy's still potty mouthed.

It is, after all, from Jay's point of view.
And I've been chomping at the bit to design '90s style Marvel cards of Bluntman and Chronic.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back needs to not only have green to match Bluntman's logo, but ever-so much of a Star Wars card riff. The oval frames were added to give it an early '80s feel.

In placing Cock Knocker's image, I had to be careful to not crop off the tip.

One of the best part of the Incredible Change-Bots cards was getting to make bad puns in card titles. Couldn't resist this one...


And, finally, there's Yoga Hosers, which may not have Jay and Silent Bob, but it has Nazi bratwurst, which is never a bad thing, right?

I pulled the pink from the movie posters and, in wanting an icon to place in the corner, went straight for that Bratzi bastard's head. The background color was made mustard orange for obvious reasons...

Jay and Silent Bob, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Yoga Hosers, et. al are TM & (c)2016 View Askew Productions. All rights reserved. I'm just laying these out for fun.

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