Sunday, August 28, 2016

Getting Stranger...

With a sick girlfriend, it was the perfect time to finally binge watch Stranger Things, like the majority of the US population who has already beat me to the punch on it. I fell quickly in love with the Duffer Brothers' world (and with Shaun Levy, one of my favorite and most underrated directors behind the helm on about half the episodes? Consider me in)--it was an '80s pastiche without becoming kitschy, and engaged the '80s kid that I am, as well as the 21st century adult uncontrollably catching the next episode.

I would LOVE to see Stranger Things cards and, rolling with the '80s love, used the Topps' E.T. set as my point of departure. I have two different back treatments: the old school one uses the lightbulb image that is prevalent throughout the series, while the second sticks with a more modern and sleek design.

For the fronts, I had to go with the black and red color scheme. While the design with the logo is more modern, I feel like it embraces the show's best iconography.

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